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Hi, I'm Emily

Emily Fair has been a teacher for 20+ years and has taught students in Taiwan and in the US.  Currently she holds a MN state license in teaching Chinese at Fridley High School.  She has two Master’s degrees in Special education and General Education.  She also has volunteered teaching at MN Yucai Chinese School in Plymouth for 5 years.


          FAIR            FOR          ALL !!


Continuing the EXCELLENCE of Wayzata School District with-
  •  F  Family Concerns-
                    School Security, Substance Abuse & Bullying Prevention 
  •  A  Academic Achievement-
                    Better resources for students and teachers for stronger outcomes 
  •  I   Integration-
                    Promoting collaboration among the student body  
  •  R  Results- Emily Fair is a voice representing the families and
                     students in Wayzata School District. 


Vote for Emily Fair November 5th !!


Serving Students for 20+ years

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